A home is a place where the heart resides. Any individual buying or renting their flat or condo wishes to make it a space they can relax in and be their true, unfiltered self. They think about every minute detail, from their bedroom mattress to their coffee mugs in the kitchen. These things make a monumental difference in how a space can make an individual feel. Blinds for windows, too, can make an impact on the aesthetic of the room. People can buy curtain fabrics online at affordable prices from brands like Material World. They have a vast selection of sheet hangings for their customers, allowing customisation.

There are several criteria to consider while investing in drapes for a house. Many first-time homeowners will find it tricky to narrow down these factors. This article will list the primary measures to help people shop for their ideal curtains online.

Tips for purchasing the best set of drapes online:

People often disregard the importance of a pair of good-quality drapes. They help protect the home from invading looks from outsiders, from harsh sunlight entering the room during mid-day and make the room look cosy. The following are tips for buying the best set of curtain fabrics online:

  • Fabric type, print and colour: Drapes are made from different materials. The most popular types are brocade, cotton, polyester, satin, velvet, lace, silk and linen. The quality of the fabric will vary with the price. Silk, velvet and brocade fabrics are more expensive than cotton or polyester. They also come in large hue ranges. The most popular colours in the market are whites, off-whites, black and greys, pastel shades of pink, mint green and lavender, and yellow. The darker shades are for rooms that require complete darkness during sleep hours, such as the main bedroom. The lighter shades are draped near windows of rooms that require adequate light, like the drawing room. They also come in unique patterns or can be plain. The interiors of the home can determine whether the curtains need prints and textures or not. If the room has many items, the drapes must be simple to balance the room’s aesthetic and vice versa.
  • Machine v/s Dry Clean Option: It is always ideal to consider the washing technique while ordering curtain fabrics online. In the long run, it will save lots of time. The size of the curtain and the fabric quality also contribute to the fact that it must be machine washed or sent to a dry cleaner. Simple fabric like cotton or polyester can be machine washed without causing much damage. Fabric drapes like silk must be sent for dry wash semi-annually or annually, depending on the dust accumulation. If people try to hand or machine wash curtains meant for dry clean, they can damage the product. The seller will specify to their customers if they are machine wash friendly or require dry cleaning periodically.
  • Consultation team: Many well-known brands have a consultation service where they have a detailed dialogue with their client online or at the house to perform a survey. It helps them assess the space, the client’s choices and aesthetic requirements for the room. They will suggest colours, textures and fabrics for the drapes accordingly. This process helps bring out the best in the room. Hence, homeowners must always look for brands that have a consultation service. It will be worth the investment to involve professionals who can do justice to the beautiful space they call home.