A new era of CBD: non-psychotropic cannabis legal in Spanish stores


Cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic compound with a THC content of 0.2%, below the legal threshold for a substance to be considered illegal. The popularity of CBD shop in Valencia and throughout Spain is growing among customers who buy cannabidiol to combat insomnia and stress. The sellers of one of the most famous stores in Valencia say that the age range of their customers is extensive.

“I just recently learned about cannabidiol from a colleague. I liked its relaxing effect. Since it is not psychotropic, you wake up easily the next day and don’t get as hungry as you would with grass. I have not been interested in psychotropic marijuana for a long time. And CBD is legal, you go to the store and buy it,” says one of the store’s customers.

As we said earlier, the legalization of CBD in Spain is still legally in limbo. While in other European countries, cannabidiol is legalized according to the European Court of Justice ruling on November 19, 2020, in Spain, the prosecutor’s office insists on prosecuting manufacturers and distributors, despite the Pan-European order. At the same time, the European Cannabis Observatory accuses the Spanish prosecutor of violating the rights of distributors and consumers of this non-psychotropic substance.

In terms of range, CBD shop in Valencia offer a variety of products containing cannabidiol: creams, gels, drinks, smoking blends, and products. In addition, all this can also be bought in online stores. For example, one customer with fibromyalgia uses CBD gels to soothe chronic pain. “The performance of some brands is much better than others. Especially effective are gels that, in addition to CBD, also contain standard components for relieving pain and inflammation, such as arnica,” she says.

Jorge, the owner of the Tecnogrow store in Sagunto, Valencia, argues that harassment of these types of points of sale persists and emphasizes the importance of proper regulation of the CBD market. He talks about the many police visits to his store. Enrique Soler, the owner of the Doctor Cogollo chain of stores, also shares information about police visits to his stores in Castellón, Córdoba, and Santander. “We’ve never done anything illegal; we’re always selling legal self-healing stuff,” he adds. Another entrepreneur, who asked to remain anonymous, says they prefer to work with companies outside of Spain for all these reasons.

All entrepreneurs complain that the prosecutor’s office may regard their activities differently due to the legal uncertainty in the CBD market and the lack of clear law. In this regard, some businessmen are leaving the Spanish market, citing the legal insecurity of the cannabidiol business legal throughout Europe.

Joan Bertomeu, a lawyer from Valencia, who deals with cases related to the distribution of cannabidiol, emphasizes that products based on it do not have a narcotic effect, which means they cannot be considered narcotic criminals. As for the CBD shop, the lawyer also says they are in an unsafe situation due to legalization issues. However, according to the World Health Organization, what they sell is entirely legal and safe.

Despite the uncertainty and legal insecurity, offline stores in Valencia and throughout Spain continue to expand their range and serve an increasing number of customers. Therefore, we can safely say that the CBD business is gaining momentum.

How do you start dosing CBD?

It would help if you started dosing with lower concentrations, for example, 5%, and take 10-20 mg every 4-6 hours because this is the time for the complete metabolism of CBD in our body. After a few days, you can increase the dose to 40-60 mg daily. Of course, there are people for whom such amounts do not bring the desired results, so that you can start even with 60-80 mg daily.

When using hemp oil, it is essential to take it regularly. However, there is also a method that involves planned breaks of several days in taking the substance to permanently reduce the body’s tolerance to CBD, which leads to a better effect. People with cancer commonly use this method.