Affordable sofa covers that will breathe new life into your sofa set!


Nothing spells comfort and relaxation like a couch or sofa. You spend hours at it each day after work, unwind and relax with friends Freshwap over a good movie on it and if you have kids it’s the couch they love to do their homework on. So why risk getting it dirty by not covering?

Produce your own couch cover from pillowcases! It’s easy as pie to Merdb create this at home for barely anything out of pocket. What better way is there to protect your couch from spills beverages, dirt, germs, pet hair & dander than with another pillowcase? Not much else comes close! And if you Codeplex happen to have a collection of pillowcases lying around, this project becomes even more frugal.


  • 2 couch pillowcases (or 1 king couch pillowcase if you have it)
  • Sewing machine & thread (optional for stitch fewer pillowcases couch cover or grab a needle and your strong muscles or super glue)
  • Matching all purpose thread to the sofa color (optional but recommended) ~ this helps with any staining from pillows, etc.

2 couch cases lay out with open Sportspress end facing up on sofa couch cushion your case may differ from the ones in this photo. You want an oblong shaped case that will lie horizontally across the couch seat area

Tip: When there is a zipper on the case, sew it shut before laying flat.

The stitch less method comes after completion of couch pillowcase couch cover.

  1. Lay your cases front side up with open end Elibrary facing up on couch cushion. The photo shows the wrong way to lay out your couch case. Open end should face up while bottom end of pillowcase faces down towards couch cushion
  2. Fold top edge down about 1″ or so over onto itself creating a crease
  3. Fold it again, same amount of fold creating yet another crease in the couch case
  4. Continue folding until you get to the bottom step shown here…stop halfway through 5a & 5b

5a & 5b – Here is what it will look like after 25 folds made throughout couch case top edge now for stitch less method of couch cover creation

  1. Lay couch pillowcase on couch cushion & you are ready to rock and roll!

Tip: If you do not have a sewing machine, grab a needle and strong muscles or super glue. Sewing is optional for couch cases that will be used as couch covers.

You can leave it as is or take this extra step of stitch less method of couch cover creation *optional*

7a & 7b – Here is what it will look like stitched shut before hemming (stitch less) the case to the couch cushion

8a & 8b – After stitching your case shut, turn couch pillowcase over onto front side (shown here with blue thread instead of matching all purpose red thread). Then fold top edge down about 1″ or so over onto itself creating a crease. Fold couch pillowcase back into couch cushion and tuck ends under couch cushion for stitch less method of couch cover creation.

Couch covers can become your new best friend after just a few short days of use. If you’re currently not using couch covers with your couch set, now is the time to start. We know that making the decision to go out and purchase couch covers will require some deliberation on your part so we’ve taken initiative to help you come up with the best possible couch cover option for your couch needs.

By purchasing couch covers you’ll be able to grant yourself additional years of life from your couch set without having to fork out major dough for brand new couches. Without couch covers, dirt and grime accumulate quickly over time which leads to an old look that won’t vibe well with guests or if you end up moving into another place that requires couch cleaning on a frequent basis.

You won’t have to worry about couch covers not fitting well, either. We carry couch covers for various couch shapes and couch sizes which mean that it’s likely we’ll be able to supply you with the right couch cover for your home. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to invest in some couch covers and give your couch set new life!

So you have a couch set that may need a bit of love and attention to look its best. Don’t worry, here at Furniture Restoration we have couch covers that will breathe new life into that couch set while also protecting the interior from spills or other messes. So whether your couch has stains or just looks old due to it’s’ age, these couch covers are for you!


By now you must have realized that couch covers are an amazing way to not only look after your couch set but also save money. Couch covers will give any couch set a new lease on life and turns it into a brand new couch. Not only is this great for the couch, but it’s great for you as well!