Best Dad Characters in American Cinema


Father’s Day is right around the corner and you might want to surprise your dad with different kinds of gifts and honors. It is something necessary to do as dads are one of the real heroes we can rely on when we are going through some tough situations. These guys are seen as a symbol of strength throughout history who take care of the entire family or clan they are in charge of fleepbleep.

One of the best things to do this year is to arrange an amazing dinner for your dad and appreciate the efforts that he made throughout. You can add more crispiness to your Father’s Day celebration by adding a movie night with your dad and the entire family. You can select some super cool movies easily if you are a Spectrum Cable TV user. There might be different channels that are part of the Spectrum Channel lineup. Spectrum’s Cable TV makes entertainment affordable and memorable for everybody in the family. Let’s have a look at the different iconic dads that we see in different movies and are part of the American culture:

Chris Gardner – “The Pursuit of Happiness”

Role By: Will Smith

Will Smith played the most iconic roles of American history. He played Chris Gardner who had to live a life of utmost struggle when he loses his wife, his money, and almost everything he had. He became the symbol of hope for his son who lived with him throughout his journey. This is because his son was his motivation and for his son, Chris was his mentor and somebody he could look upon wikibirthdays.

Mufasa – Lion King

Role By: James Earl Jones

Mufasa of the Lion King was the symbol of inspiration and strength for his son and all the animals of his kingdom. He was a just king, a strong husband, and a symbol of hope for his followers. He taught Simba the art of believing in himself, things that make a Lion king of the jungle, and other things he should know before growing up. He was there when Simba caught himself in between the Hyenas and scared them biographycon.

Bryan Mills – Taken

Role By: Liam Neeson

Bryan Mills was one of the best ex-Special Forces officers and CIA agents. He might not be a good husband but he was the best father ever seen in American Cinema. He made sure that he uses his skills to save his daughter when she was kidnapped by the mob and sold as a sex slave. He went into the depth of the abyss and found the people responsible for her kidnapping. He also gave his word to protect her no matter what and watch over allmeaninginhindi.

Batman/Bruce Wayne – Son of Batman

Role By: Jason O’Mara

Bruce Wayne/Batman is seen as one of the most iconic characters in the Justice League and the DCU. One of his qualities is that he believes in creating a mindset where anyone can be a superhero. He took up orphans and people who had no future in the world and might end up being criminals. He became a mentor, coach, and father figure for them. His disciples included Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, and others who wanted to be good for society.

In Son of Batman, he looked like nothing but a violent individual in Damian so he thought of training him to be Robin. He fathers him, trains him to do good for the people, and carry the mantle of Batman. Since Damian was trained among the League of Shadows, he had the influence of bringing people to justice through violence. Batman carefully taught him the ways of superheroes and made him his sidekick.

Lenny Feder-Grown Ups

Role By: Adam Sandler

Lenny Feder is a Hollywood talent agent with a Roxanne who is a fashion designer and owns a boutique. He has three kids who stay glued to their iPhones. Lenny He is a nice father who loves his friends and lets his kids get a little on the spoiled side. He recognizes the importance of family time and tries to convince his kids to bond with him and indulge in different outdoor activities. Eventually, the kids abandon their phones and they tried using cup phones, so he rigged the entire house with a system of different cup-phone.

He is more than a mentor to his kids and asks Kevin who he used to get scared of at school to act as if he is scared of Lenny in front of the kids. This makes him a strong individual and a great father.

Don Vito Corleone – God Father

Role By: Marlon Brando

Don Vito Corleone is one of the mob bosses and the most influential people in the Sicilian Mafia. For many people, he might be a mob boss but for his family, he is more than a mentor and a family man. He loves his family and considers keeping the family closer all the time.

George Stacy – The Amazing Spider-Man

Role By: Denis Leary

George was the Commissioner of Police and father of Gwen Stacey who loved Peter Parker. He agreed on giving Peter a chance with Gwen. He might not like Spider-Man but he thought that he might have a chance with Peter. When he gets to know that Peter is Spider-Man, then he tells him to stay away from Gwen as being Spider-Man is going to hurt her daughter in the long run and that Peter cannot stop being a superhero.

Fletcher Reede- Liar Liar

Role By: Jim Carrey

Fletcher Reede is an accomplished lawyer who indulges in a habit of lying to the court and tampering with the facts to win any case. For many people, he might be a great lawyer or Liar but he can do anything to keep his son happy. When his son sees that his parent’s marriage is coming to an end because of his father’s habits, he makes a wish on his birthday that his father stops lying. Realizing this, he decides to get over his bad habit and starts saying the truth with all his heart.

He also makes a run to the airport and stops Max and his wife from going away from him and stumbles under the pile of luggage. This shows his love and loyalty to his family.


In the end, one can say that there are so many iconic characters that are perfect examples of a father in the movie. These can be an inspiration for other dads in the world and their fans. One of the best things to do this Father’s Day is to pay tribute to your father and make him feel special.