Can pregnant women eat chocolate bars?


For a mother-to-be, the well-being of a child is a top priority. If chocolate is your favorite food, they prefer to avoid it for fear of harming the unborn child. Let’s see if chocolate is possible for pregnant women, how useful and harmful it is for women in position. Mashroom chocolate bar is getting more and more popular day by day.

The benefits of dark chocolate for pregnant women

There are many types of chocolate: milk, white, black, fructose, with nuts and raisins. If a pregnant woman has a desire to eat a chocolate bar, then please eat to your health! Just remember that everything is good in moderation.

What is the benefit of dark chocolate for pregnant women?

  • Uplifts mood and relieves stress. Cocoa beans contain magnesium, which has a positive effect on the immune system, memory, and nervous system. It relieves stress and anxiety, helps to survive depression;
  • Stimulates brain activity. Caffeine and theotrombin, which are part of the treat, are useful when you need to focus and activate mental activity;
  • Potassium contained in this useful product takes an active part in metabolism and normalizes blood pressure;
  • Due to the high content of fluorine, calcium, tannins, it prevents the formation of plaque and has an antibacterial effect on the body. Cocoa butter coats the teeth, so consuming dark chocolate is much healthier than a milk bar or brownies;
  • Tryptophan has an analgesic effect and enhances antidepressant properties.

Harm from chocolate

Each product, in addition to positive qualities, has negative ones. What can harm chocolate?

  • From it quickly gain weight. Milk chocolate is especially high in calories due to the content of milk and glucose;
  • It is better not to consume dark chocolate in the evening. It contains caffeine, which can negatively affect the quality of sleep, and healthy sleep is important for a pregnant woman;
  • A tasty delicacy, in addition to numerous useful properties, is a strong allergen;
  • In addition to useful substances, chocolate contains about 300 that have not yet been studied by science;
  • Many manufacturers are replacing cocoa butter with hydrogenated fats and other vegetable oils, especially in chocolates and milk chocolate. As a result, there is no benefit from such a product, only calories.

There is an opinion that because of the content of narcotic substances in chocolate, it is addictive. Indeed, it contains theothrombin, which causes such reactions in the body in large quantities. But its content in the product is so small that you have to eat it for several weeks in the amount of 0.5 kilos, so that the effect begins to act.

How to use it during pregnancy

A pregnant woman should be aware of all the pros and cons of eating chocolate. You need to know that it releases the substance histamine in the body, which is responsible for the development of allergic reactions.

Women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy should take this into account carefully, because the baby’s immune system has not been formed and only breastfeeding will be its basis. A newborn baby with constant redness and pimples will be the subject of mom’s worries.

Therefore, to the question: “Can pregnant women have chocolate?”, The answer is as follows: “It is possible, but only in small quantities (no more than 50 grams per day). And it is better to choose dark and bitter varieties.

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