Do cold showers help you lose weight?


If science has anything to do with it, the answer is no. Cold helps to reduce weight, but not in such a short time. For a Harvard University study, people had to live in refrigerated rooms (16 degrees) for ten days. The results showed that they had lost weight over time. This was the increased burning of so-called “brown fats.” Everybody usually only knows about the white fat that the body stocks from excess calories. Brown fat, on the other hand, is burned by the body to maintain its core temperature. But the only reason cold triggers brown fat and is associated with weight loss doesn’t mean that freezing showers will help reduce weight. Experts say you would stay in freezing water for a very long time to see a difference. That’s why Lumbuy provides cavitation devices for you to lose weight.

Benefits of a cold shower

But even if the cold water doesn’t help you lose weight, an “ice shower” has its advantages. In the morning, it gets the circulation going, promotes blood circulation, and strengthens the connective tissue and the immune system. After your shower routine, do what is known as a “contrast shower.” Change from warm to cold water at least twice and let each temperature run over your body for at least ten seconds. Even if the cold water takes some effort, you will quickly notice that you feel fresher and less complicated. Here are some other benefits:

Cold showers are suitable for your hair and skin

The blood vessels contract when it is cold, and expand again when it is warm. This boosts blood circulation and also makes you wide awake. This makes the skin look fresher and rosier. In addition, cold water closes the pores and prevents dirt particles from settling and causing impurities. Temperatures that are too warm, on the other hand, can attack the skin’s natural protective film and rob it of moisture. The hair also benefits from cold showers. Cold water closes the upper cuticle layer and smoothens delicate hair follicles, making hair look more robust and healthier.

Cold showers make you happy

Research has shown that exposure to cold water improves mood. The cold activates the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn increases the levels of endorphins and norepinephrine. These are hormones that the body releases in stressful situations. Therefore, some researchers even recommend cold showers to treat depression.

The skin has countless receptors that send electrical impulses to the brain, causing adrenaline levels to rise. This not only increases the ability to concentrate but also lifts the spirits. So cold water not only wakes the body but also makes you happy.

Take a cold shower and live a healthy life

There is no easy way to achieve weight loss. It usually always involves a change in diet and exercise. With the proper diet and exercise, however, short cold showers can have other positive effects for you if you include them in your weight loss plan.

  • A cold shower can do your body well after a workout because it can help you relax.
  • A 2-3 minute cool shower can activate your nervous system as it improves blood circulation. This means that oxygen reaches the brain faster, making you feel fresher.
  • Start with 10-20 seconds of cold water and then switch back to warm water. So do alternating showers.
  • You should mix warm and cold water to get a good ratio.
  • The optimal cold temperature should not be below 21 degrees.
  • Cold showers boost your immunity.
  • Cold showers are also beneficial for reducing muscle soreness and inflammation taraftarium24.