Erawan Waterfall in the Kanchanaburi National Park


If you have only a day to spend in the National Park, Erawan Waterfall is a beautiful, natural sight. This sunny opening in the jungle is a striking contrast to the tall, rumbling streams gushing over the rocks. The falls are named for the Hindu god Erawan, which means three heads. You can hike the trail to Erawan Waterfall for about an hour. It starts near the National Park’s HQ and runs parallel to the main walking track. It’s a short 1km trek that passes through leafy bamboo forest. If you’re looking for something different, you can take the optional hike from the main path.

The trail is 3.1 miles long and takes approximately three hours to complete. You can either take a taxi or a songtaew and share a fare with other tourists. The taxis and cabs will cost you a total of 5000 Baht per person, and you’ll need to bring a small bag or waterproof jacket. A small fee is required to cover gas, food, and other extras.

The water in Erawan Waterfall is turquoise and is incredibly clear. The falls are categorized into seven levels and can be reached by car or motorcycle. The first level is accessible without a tour. There are several other tiers of the waterfall as well, with deep and shallow pools, a small waterfall, and even a natural rock slide. Whether you choose to hike or bike, you’ll never be disappointed.

Visitors should pack mosquito repellent, water, and snacks. A guide is available for an additional fee. Although trails are easy to follow, you should be prepared for some hiking. The second tier can be a little trickier to reach. Admission to the park is 400 baht for an adult and 200 baht for a child. Thai citizens pay much less for admission. The price for the day’s activity is worth it.

To get to the top of Erawan Waterfall, you’ll need to drive to Kanchanaburi. This is a popular tourist destination, and a day trip from Bangkok will take you more than three hours. It’s advisable to avoid the park on a weekend, as it can be crowded and expensive. The road is not difficult to navigate, but you should bring snacks and mosquito repellent if you want to visit during the day.

Final Thought

There are two ways to get to Erawan Waterfall. You can take a bus from Bangkok and take the scenic route to Kanchanaburi. After you get to the bus stop, make sure to check your GPS for directions to the park. The park is 70 km away, and you will need to take a taxi to get there. The trip should take you about three hours if you plan to climb to the top.