How to Get AdSense Approval For Your YouTube Channel


The first step in getting AdSense approval for your YouTube channel is to create a new account. You will need to fill in your information and choose a payment method. When you are approved, you will receive an email telling you how much you have earned so far. If your account has not been approved, wait a couple of days. You can also apply to monetize individual videos. You can then choose which type of ad to put on each one.

The next step is to choose the country in which you reside. You can change your country once you get your approval, but it is best to have a parent or legal guardian go through the application with you. This will prevent you from getting stuck at later steps and may cause you to not be approved. Once you have your account approved, you can start attracting subscribers and improving your video’s quality.

After you have applied, you must wait for a few weeks for AdSense approval to take effect. If you have been turned down, you can apply again. The team at Google will review your application and contact you to see if you need to make any changes. If you have not had any luck, try using the official forums to find out more about the process. You may have to reapply if you’ve been rejected the first time.

To switch to another country, you must follow the instructions in the forums. When you’ve completed the steps in the application, you will receive a notification through your email. Once your account is approved, you must be active in your videos and create a customized strategy. If you have any trouble with the approval process, you can try applying again. If your application is rejected, you will have to follow the correct steps to get it approved.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can start attracting subscribers to your channel. After you have established your account, you must follow the instructions to ensure your application is approved. Then, you must keep in mind that it may take a week for the entire process to be approved. If the process takes longer than you expect, you should contact a Google Adsense specialist. This is the best way to get your video approved for AdSense.

Final Thought

If you’re under 18, you should ask your legal guardian or parent to go through the application for you. If you’re under 18 years old, you may be ineligible to set up an AdSense account. To avoid being rejected, you should follow the rules of Google. By following these guidelines, you can get an advertising account for your YouTube channel. Your video will be listed on the top of Google’s search results.