Identification of Dinnerware:



A dinner set, also referred to as chinaware or crockery, is anything used to serve small portions to people during a meal. The term dinnerware refers to a broad category of dishes, ranging from the standard plate and bowl to more specialised dinnerware with special shapes, colors, and sizes. The dinnerware selection and arrangement will depend on the meal’s courses. Typically, materials like melamine, porcelain, glass, stoneware, or earthenware are used to make it. It makes everything look good and tastes better.


Earthenware is the oldest dinnerware. Commonly used in urban areas. Earthenware is made of clay and then soaked in sun or burned in the fire. In earthen pots all the food recipes are cooked well and will be quite delicious. To create these varieties of dinner sets you should require the best quality of clay. Many people prefer these categories of dinner sets because it is cheap and environment friendly. 

Rural India still mainly depends on these kinds  of dinner sets. These earthenware are heat resistant and the special feature is that you can make your food with a very small amount of oil.


Stoneware is the most durable and fine quality of dinnerware. Stoneware is the type of special or fone quality ceramic dinnerware made of stoneware clay. After making the raw stoneware, it is heated at a high temperature. 

Stoneware is quite beautiful and used in many restaurants, homes etc. Break proof, cheap and heat resistant. Stoneware is extremely safe for cooking because it is made up of good quality materials, heat resistant, scratch proof and free from harmful chemicals.

Ceramic or Chinese:

Dinnerware made from clay materials that’s discharged at the next temperature is thought as ceramic ware or china. Porcelain frequently has an upscale appearance that lends itself to more formal dining occasions, but it can also be used every day to upscale any meal. 

These kinds of dinner sets are quite heavy and scratch proof more durable than others. Porcelain frequently has a special type of  appearance that lends to various types of parties, occasions. These categories of porcelain dinner plates are also used at home for regular use.


Bone china is a special type and commonly used dinnerware. Bone china dinnerware is made from the animal bone ash which is mixed with clays and then it is heated. Heat resistant, more durable, and may be of oval, round, rectangular shape. The bone china dinnerware is more translucent. It is thinner and smoother in texture. 

These categories of dinnerware are most durable and solid ceramic dinnerware, in spite of its fragile appearance. It’s used in your daily life and also in some special occasions  like birthday parties, office parties etc. 


This is the material which is used if you want unbreakable plates. Although this plastic is thin, it feels rigid and sturdy and has a shiny appearance. These are  practically unbreakable, making it perfect for use by kids and outdoors. Melamine is free of BPA and easy to use. This dinnerware is so beautiful that it attracts people.

Vulcanised Glass:

This type of dinnerware is made of a special type of glass which is made in extremely high temperatures and very durable. It is typically opaque when used for dinnerware. It is made of high quality glass material. It has a shiny appearance. Durable and scratch proof and if it falls in the ground it won’t  damage. It is mostly used to serve appetiser platters to the guests at parties.