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The Movie Minions are yellow single-celled organisms that evolved at the dawn of time and have evolved to serve their masters ever since. Although the Minions have worked for T. Rex and Napoleon, they still have no boss to grovel to. So Kevin hatches a plot to find a new evil boss. He enlists the help of the super-villainess Scarlet Overkill to find the evil he craves.

The movie features a variety of personalities and different types of villains, each with their own unique personality. moviesverse The three main characters are Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. Kevin is the leader and he leads his team, while Stuart is the leader of the Nelson family and a musician. Bob is a teddy bear-toting kid who is heterochromic. The film is a hilarious and enthralling journey that will make you laugh, cry, and even think twice about the future of movies.

The Minions buxic are born with an unquenchable appetite for fruits. During their coronation, the Queen of England (Scarlet) orders them to be killed. However, Kevin escapes and hides in a pub with Stuart and Bob. The Scarlet threatens to kill them if Kevin doesn’t appear before dawn. But, the newest Minion, Kevin, uses a mysterious machine that turns him into a giant monster. The movie ends with a happy ending for everyone.