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Saavn is a free music streaming service that makes it easy to listen to music online. It also has several integrations with popular devices and platforms, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. It is available in a wide variety of languages and is able to play music for you on any of these devices. The service is available on both Android and iOS devices. Users can also follow their Facebook friends to get personalized radio stations and receive notifications of new music.

The service was launched in India in 2013, but it has since grown beyond that country’s borders and is now available in over 150 countries. The company has over 20 million monthly active users and is accessed in over 150 countries. It has 35 million songs and 900 labels, including T-Series, Universal, Sony, and Warner Music. Thousands of new artists are added to the Saavn catalogue every day, which continues to grow with each release.

Besides music, Saavn has other features as well. One of these is a search feature that allows users to find songs by genre or artist name. The search feature works by pre-processing a search query to identify relevant search entities. Additionally, it is built as a separate microservice to handle the high number of queries it receives. This functionality enables the app to cater to users of various platforms and operating systems.