Ways To Outsmart Debt Collectors 


Getting constant calls from a debt collector can be annoying. They are trained to speak in a manner as to intimidate you. Understanding how you can take control of the situation is important because getting intimidated can lead you to make poor decisions. You need to come up with an agreement on how you can pay the debt. 

You may think debt collectors have all the powers in their hands, but there are ways you can outsmart them legally. If you suspect the callers are violating your rights and are not following the guidelines outlined by the FDCPA, speak to an attorney from the Zero Debt Law Firm

Ways to outsmart debt collectors 

  • Do not wait for their call. 

The first step to outsmarting debt collectors is giving them the unexpected. Most collectors think the debtors are afraid of their call, which is why they never expect your call. This will make the impression that you are not running away from the debt and are not scared. 

Additionally, you are able to prepare better for the conversation when you make the call yourself. You can decide on a strategy and purpose and make the call when you are ready to do the negotiation. 

  • Find out background information about the collector. 

When you get a call from a debt collector for the first time, a smart thing to do is to ask for their full name and what company they work for. Then, do your homework on that person. You can check out reviews of their services on the Internet and see what other people are saying about them. Find out facts that you think may help them. 

  • Ask the debt collector to validate the debt. 

No debt collector from any agency can simply call you and ask you to pay for debts you have never heard about. If you do not recognize the debt, think the amount due is wrong, or have already paid full and cleared out the debt, ask the collector to validate it. If they try to act smart or take advantage of your limited legal knowledge, simply tell them about your rights under the FDCPA. 

  • Focus on the debt. 

You have found enough information about the collector, and they have also validated the debt. However, that does not mean you will start panicking and revealing every information they ask for. Focus on your debt and how you can pay it off. Tell them why you are unable to pay and what would help you. When you tell them the genuine reason, debt collectors are willing to settle a negotiation with you.