What are custom textured labels?


Products sold in the market have labels or stickers. The stickers are essential to market a company’s brand to customers. A product label’s design plays a significant role in making the customers notice the product. A good label is required for marketing the product and making people choose the product. Custom textured stickers ensure that a product is easily identifiable by the customers. The sticker’s texture and the finish are customised to meet the brand’s aesthetics. Brands consider several elements to make the stickers more appealing and attract customers.

Elements of custom labels

Material: Choosing the material is the first step in designing a sticker. The material sets a tone for all other design elements.

Colour: The sticker’s colour plays a vital role in drawing the customer’s attention to the product, differentiating it from competing products.

Graphics: Graphics make a label effective and the product visually appealing to the customers. Well-designed stickers have less text but provide more information about the brand. 

Font: Font plays a critical role in the appearance of the label. It should not be overly decorative but readable. Some brands have custom fonts that suit the aesthetic taste of the brand.

Finish: Stickers can have either a glossy or matte finish. The glossy finish is shiny and reflective; the matte finish gives a subdued, simple, and classic look. The finish of the sticker depends upon the company’s taste.

Size: The size of the sticker depends upon the size of the product and its packaging. Manufacturers can choose large wrap-around stickers or smaller ones. A sticker having vital information about the brand is placed in the front as it must be easily visible to the customers.

Shape: The shape of the sticker is crucial to make it easily noticed by customers. Stickers with interesting and unusual shapes are easily recognisable and memorable.

Different types of custom labels

Custom cosmetic labels

Custom personal care product labels

Custom food labels

Custom beverage labels

Custom pharmaceutical labels

Custom promotional labels

Custom security labels.

Benefits of custom labels

Easy to choose

In custom labels, brands have the freedom to choose any text, images, or designs they want. They have control to place the text at any place on the label and the type of content they want on the label.

Perfect fit

Custom labels fit the product perfectly. They are easily created for several products like beauty supplies, food, and beverages. Some brands print information on the inside of the label.


Custom labels give the products a professional-looking finish. It helps make the product more appealing to the customers and increases the sales volume.

Provides identity

Custom labels provide an identity to the brands and get recognised by the customers. Brand recognition helps businesses to stand apart from their competitors.

Strengthens marketing efforts

Custom stickers increase the sales among new and existing customers. It strengthens the company’s marketing efforts and becomes the best advertising tool for the brand. It reveals how the brand is different from its competitors.

Custom textured stickers are attractive and attract the attention of the customers. They reflect the value of the brand and help convey a message to the customer. They show that the products are authentic and make customers trust the brand. Customised labels add professionalism and personality to the products. Moreover, products speak volumes about the business, and textured labels make them stand out and create a memorable experience for the brand.