What You Should Not Say When Dealing with the Insurance Company? 


After the personal injury, you will look for compensation so that you can deal with your injuries and damages in a better manner. However, these claims are unpredictable and complicated at the same time. You never know when they become favorable and unfavorable for you. You will be making a mistake if you plan not to hire a Fort Wayne injury lawyer. He can guide you better on things; you should or should not do. If you have filed a personal injury claim, you should say the below-mentioned things when dealing with the insurance company:

Don’t say that they can record the statement

The common mistake people make is that they let tell the insurance company go ahead and record the statement. It is not good because these companies use these statements against them to lower their claim amount or refuse the claim altogether. Even if you are giving them any statement or information, you should have an attorney on your side.

Telling everything about the car crash without a lawyer

If you explain everything that happened at the time of the accident bit by bit to these companies in the absence, you are likely to ruin your case. They will keep this information and use it as the base to cut down your claim or even deny it. On the contrary, you should hire an attorney, tell him everything and let him talk to the insurance company. This way, no information can be tweaked to be used against you in the claim process or in court, if litigation is filed.

Giving full details of your injuries

These are the details of my injuries and suffering. If you have said this in front of the insurance company, they will find a vital detail from this to refuse your claim. Without your attorney and medical reports, you should not utter a word about what you are going through because these companies take note of it and discuss it with their medical experts to deny the claim.

Take the contact names and number of witnesses

It is a vital piece of information, which is not to be revealed to anyone except your lawyer. The insurance companies may go to any extent to deny your claim. Revealing anything related to your witness can hurt your case.

Since insurance companies play tricky always, you must have a lawyer on your side, who can guide you on your next move.